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My latest novel in the Magic dog series is now available. The title is Megan’s Magic Dog and it is available   at Amazon/Kindle and CreateSpace.

In this new novel Megan will overcome a major tragedy in her life and move on to new and exciting adventures with Wizard and Magic, her gifted Golden Retrievers.


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MAGIC. After many years of secret genetic bioengineering and painful experimentation by the Iranians with a mind to develop the perfect spy, an inconspicuous dog was selected for advanced research after primates proved to be unpredictable and hardly unnoticeable. One of the prime specimens, a big golden retriever, managed to escape and made his way to war-torn Iraq, where he befriended a United States Marine. After the dog saved the Marine's life, he brought him back to the United States and named him Magic. The novel Magic was the first in the Magic dog story series. Magic's Charm was the second, and Wizard the dog that knew Magic is the third in the series. Magic's Memory is the fourth in the series.

MAGIC'S CHARM .   Book 2 in the Magic series

Magic's Charm, sequel to the bestselling novel Magic. Charm, a ten month old female golden retriever, is stolen from the back yard of Ryan Quinn, the newly minted special agent of the FBI. Magic, the genetically altered golden retriever, wants to find her. Fred Winton,"An action filled adventure novel that will keep you turning the pages." Magic's search eventually involves the very highest levels of the government.
Action genre enthusiast who enjoyed Magic the genetically altered dog, will love Magic's Charm.


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"This is my first book review on Kindle. I hope it is helpful. Five stars.

I read the first book in the Magic series awhile back---should have written a review---. Magic's Charm is just as good; however, while the original was chock full of physical action, Magic Charm contains more personal tension for Magic the genetically altered golden retriever, although there is enough action to satisfy patrons of the action genre: terrorist, spies, gun fights, and kidnapping. Magic must make a life altering decision about his identity and, with the help of Ryan Quinn, makes an unselfish choice.

The characterization was compelling and real. By real, I mean the author had me believing that a dog could think at the levels of a human being and still have the traits we all love about dogs: loyalty, dedication, loving nature, and happy to have their ears rubbed. The story moves along briskly and had me clicking the next button on my Kindle.

While Magic's Charm can stand alone as a wonderful read, I believe reading the first book gets one into the story with less hesitation.

Magic will grab your heart strings and hold them tight until the superb ending and leave you wanting more.



Wizard the dog that knew Magic. Book 3 in the Magic series.    


   Wizard the dog that knew Magic follows the growth of Magic’s son, Wizard, and the adventure that develops as a sycophantic gang leader attempts to disrupt the nation’s financial sector


Magic Memory book 4 in the Magic series

The questions were,”Does memory define one’s existence?” He thought not, but If he couldn’t remember who he was, what he’d done in life, who he loved, who he hated, where he lived, where he came from, does he have an identity? If someone or thing robs him of his memory, do they steal his identity? These are the questions, Magic, the gifted Golden Retriever asked himself.


 A Young Adult novels with Magic.

Strange Magic: a YA action/adventure novel. A Marine brings home a strange dog who befriends his teenage daughter. It abilities are magical.  Strange Magic is not one of the Magic adventure series novels, and is written for young adult readers.



 Cinnamon Rose: Women's literary fiction. Mary struggles to overcome adversity in a post war world. Her long journey takes her from the evils of Las Vegas gangsters to the hallowed halls of government.



Golden Years?: Humor/action. A band of nursing home misfits break out of a nursing home for one more fling.


 Fitzgerald Chronicles: Historical fiction. Early flight and WW1 adventure.

Golden Goose: an action/adventure novel based on a true story involving gold bullion shipped to the United States by England during WW2.

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